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My childhood used to be full of cartoon shows of all my favourite characters all around for my whole day. These are the wonderful days with no tension of anything .no responsibilities no worries. No restrictions of the career and the time boundations. Only the lovable things with your parents and the siblings, that’s what was the meaning of the life we know. But as the time moved on and we grown up, the priorities changed and we started doing the things that are necessary from our future perspective. But still there are some roots available which says to do something for our wish. Just for our happiness, without any profit, and not for others. Else merely picking the bucks in our pocket is not we call a healthy life. It’s only a successful life with no inner happiness and satisfaction.

Being a person of my choice, I always done the things which I loved. And fortunately my family always stood with me. I never put my career for secondary, but in parallel, the love of playing in the casino world is the thing I never set apart, because it is the medium of relaxation and a sense of enjoyment for me. I used to be part of the various casino games, but the thing which i call the most impressive and lovable is the slots. This is because, with less effort, you can get a lot of amount. And in this list, the Crazy 80’s is of good choice. I played it and from the very first trial, it gives immense feel and pleasure. It has the option of betting 9 coins, and from choosing the worthful among them, the amount can goes upto the 5.