Gold Factory

Last month I tried Gold Factory

Playing games is my hobby. I love to play these since my childhood. I used to play video game and puzzle etc. But now a days the craze of these has become decrease. Whenever I get free time I play with my brother and some time with my dad as well. I feel very good...
Dragon Lady

Exciting Features of Dragon Lady

One day I was talking with my friend and he asked me that I ever played any casino game? And I said no then he suggested me to try these games. He also told me about the some famous games which I can try i.e. roulette, blackjack, video poker, cards, slot machines and...

Discover the five best slots with music

One of the online casino games that are among the most played are slots that have musical themes by famous artists. These games are a paradise for players who have a great passion for music and what better option than to join games and music? Many of these games...
How can you win Jurassic Jackpot?

How can you win Jurassic Jackpot?

One day when I went for my Christmas holidays, I found this and tried its free trails out of curiosity then I found it really exciting. The best part about these pokies is that they are easy to play. So I am gonna share my story behind how did I play Jurassic jackpot?...

Be the best at poker with these tips

Be the best at poker with these tips

Poker is one of the most popular card games of all. Millions of people play it daily, and may even live on it. It is easy to understand and identify which are the best hands. However, what attracts him the most is that to succeed in some skills and the applications of...

Jackpot City

Jackpot City

If you are looking for an online gambling site that will make your gaming experience to be the best then jackpot is the right place to be. Jackpot City casino site focuses on creating and installing the best and most thrilling games for players to enjoy. Jackpot city...

My Experience with Break DA Bank

My Experience with Break DA Bank

Today’s age is the age of science and technology. Scientists are working very hard to make our life more easy and comfortable. The list of experiments which changed our life drastically is very long. Today we are so much addicted to it that we cannot imagine life...

My Experience with Boogie Monsters

When I get bored with the long monotonous schedule the thing that distress me is the music. Along with I love to play some games to avoid the isolation. The beast lyrics and the mp3 sound is something that has the greatest effect on my mood. At one such night I was...

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Multiplayer Cana Slot Machines?

Sometimes it gets boring to play alone. So the gaming industry provides us the amazing and interactive feature which we called multiplayer. Basically in the multiplayer anyone can play with his partner. I like to play with multiplayers online pokies with my besties,...

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Magical World of Fairy Ring

This post is much beneficial for the person who want make their debut in the world of pokies. The thought which I am going to share is concerned with the game which I like the most is Fairy Ring and jurassic jackpot. If you want to pass your part time magically you...

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The Best Online Gambling For This 2018


The casino games popularity has remained constant every year, with new techniques, new interfaces in online games, new strategies, and categories. Every year, fans are attentive to all the novelties offered by the market, here a list of the best games of chance to play this 2018:

The Poker

Poker is perhaps the most popular casino game and the most demanded by their community both physically and online. It is a game that involves skills and strategies in any of its variants, combining risk and investment in a table are the basic elements in this game, creates great odds of winning.

The online poker games are endowed with better features, the tournaments, are one of the many variants in which players compete with other bettors remotely great prizes. One of the many variants of online poker, are Deuces Wild or JacksorBetter and Texas Hold’em, in these categories, players have the option to single spins that promise great prizes and high odds of winning.

The solitaire

Also known as “patience AKA” is a game that resembles the traditional card game, the participant can choose whether to play alone or with opponents because this game has the virtue of offering different ways to win. His strategy is based on releasing the scattered cards and putting them together in the upper right area of ​​the screen in the deck, the game is characterized by granting payment every time a player repeats that process. On the internet, there are variants of solitaire, but in most of them, the game consists of 11 cards, however, before the participant can get the winnings of the original bet, these cards are discarded.


Rummy is a game that has gained popularity in the community thanks to its practicality and ease. A player must seek the combination of cards in the race, which is the achievement of three equal cards, or the sequence of set/books that correspond to the combination of three or four cards that have the same rank. To win, the participant must combine all hands with the exception of a card that must be discarded. The advantage of this game is its simplicity, which makes it practical in the mobile version.

Video game Poker

A game as popular and highly demanded as poker, however, this combines the characteristics of a slot machine, only in video poker can understand the basic plays with five or ten cards. This game also has variants that include: Sigma Flush, Bonus Poker, and Jokers Wild Card. Your goal is simple, form poker hands with cards. As for the awards, this game has diversity in the ways of winning; a player can pay x1 for one hand JacksorBetter and ascend to x800 for a Royal Flush hand. In the video poker variants, some offer the progressive Jackpot, tallow that attracts players who intend to increase profits.


Popularly known as Blackjack, it is the second most common game among the community after poker with which it also shares many similarities. This card game is based mainly on reaching a total of the hand higher than the croupier himself, but without exceeding the number 21, its second goal is to ensure that the dealer “suicide” when crushed by the game itself. The best hand occurs when a player reaches exactly the value 21 of a round, blackjack is one of the best strategy games, which has its online version that includes other more updated variants.

Casinos war

Casinos War is a highly profitable and fun game that is based on the cards, however, you can find in the physical and online casinos, many variants of this game, although in most of them they are 6 decks and the participant only receives one letter. It is a fairly simple game but it guarantees the best experience, with easy rules to understand.

Live card tables

This game is characterized by having only one genre but not a game specifically. However, the great advantage of its simplicity and practicality, allowing you to be a player on mobile devices. It is a standard card game that is commonly played in physical or online casinos; however, blackjack is the most traditional in live card game tournaments, with VIP players and great prizes to the players that occupy the first places.