One of the online casino games that are among the most played are slots that have musical themes by famous artists. These games are a paradise for players who have a great passion for music and what better option than to join games and music? Many of these games include songs and great rock stars, legendary bands, soloists and different types of music from different eras.

Currently, there are many great games that include themes only because the music is involved and believes that the fans and the most loyal audience in the world join the games. If you are one of them, turn up the volume of your computer and place yourself in the most comfortable place you have, since in today’s article you will give you the names of the 5 best slots games with music, which went from being a Simple game with boring background soundtracks to an unforgettable concert experience.

  1. Guns n ‘Roses

And to start you have decided to put you the best musical slot game. NetEnt’s Guns n ‘roses slot game is a game that surpasses the amazing, because it offers a very close experience to what is a live concert so many when playing it wonder if they are really playing in a slot or are just in front of a stage of some of the most grandiose and emblematic concerts of rock music.

Many of the players point out that the introduction to the game is a strong welcome that helps create an environment for what will happen in the course of the game. On the screen, simulating a stage, you will see five drums filled with the band members, guitar selections and the symbols of A, K, Q, J and 10 with the emblematic rose of the band to the surroundings.

One of the greatest aspects is that the list of songs of the band is left on your screen, in addition, every time you win in the game the crowd goes crazy. Also, this slot has three bonus games with different types of prizes, including x10 multipliers, free spins and wild cards for overlays. The best part of the game is that in the end, if you do not manage to pass the other nine slots machines with the musical themes, you will have spent a different time and full of good music.

  1. Jimi Hendrix

Undoubtedly one of the greatest of music is Jimi Hendrix and not having this legend among the top of your list would be a big mistake. This NetEntes slot machine is as legendary as Jimmi’s genius.

When you decide to play in this slot, make sure you have the best headphones because through them you can enjoy the sweetest voice and rock that exists for your ears. In addition, you can listen to the background of the game as they play the most iconic guitar riffs that Jimmi has, while the five reels spin and a set of peace flowers mark the symbols that you are a winner on the game screen.

Mainly, the game is inspired by its five additional functions of the Masonic songs of this star, such as Little Wing and PurpleHaze. However, it is a mistake to think that this slot only good music is a mistake because the good vibes of rock are only a fund to offer players free spins and different types of bonuses. Without a doubt, this game is a fun and guaranteed entertainment box.

  1. The jazz club

As in the name of this game you can feel as if it were part of a great jazz club. This game is ideal for lovers of swing and blues, without a doubt this game has an authentic and elegant aspect of a club, however, the most important thing of this slot is the magnificent jazz soundtrack that it has.

Each one of the turns that you make will activate the different chords of the piano, which combines in an extraordinary way with the movements of the reels and with the jazz music, will make the difference. It should be noted that the soundtrack is composed of three solo instruments: piano, trumpet, and cello. And the best thing is that every time you wait for a winning combination to appear there is a mini interpretation.

But this is not all that this slot brings, but to increase the player experience, this jazz club gives you different benefits, among them: Wilds stacking, 14 free spins and x4 multipliers.

  1. The Phantom of the opera

This NetEnt slot is inspired by the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” and there is no doubt that it is a true work of art, which will transport you to a trip thanks to its soundtrack that makes the game a chilling environment with great graphics that are designed in 3D.

The dark background that simulates the theater and the impressive opera music make the game a truly intense audiovisual and graphics experience that will immerse every music lover.

But this is not all, but the slot also has a lucrative agreement with 40 fixed lines of payment and some free spins, in addition, different bonus features.

  1. Disk spins

In this slot, you can feel as if you were in the 70s, the era where disco was at the top. That’s why this game has many neon lights, disco dancers of many colors, where the five reels and 20 fixed pay lines join the disco party.

This disk slot has two types of bonuses that are activated with 10 or 15 free spins, where it will depend on the user’s choice. When you get the spins there will be a disco ball party, which will include funky music.