One day when I went for my Christmas holidays, I found this and tried its free trails out of curiosity then I found it really exciting. The best part about these pokies is that they are easy to play. So I am gonna share my story behind how did I play Jurassic jackpot? Last Christmas i and my friends were planning to go somewhere for one week. And in fact we went there but when I was on bike, the accident was happened with me. So all my plans had become ruin. There was nothing to do, except the bed rest in the hotel room. So to overcome my boredom, I had to do something so I opened my laptop and tried to do some interesting. I watched movie Jurassic park and had some beer and snacks. After that I found some notifications on twitter. My friend who was an addicted gambler shared some casino link. So I opened that link and found some slot machines. Well I did play some gambling games when I went with my friends and colleagues.

Jurassic jackpot is very simple and best game I can say I ever tried. In this we have to find some good combinations in order to win some jackpots bonanza. When I started to play these that time I had my smartphones. After that for some time I was gone crazy for these. And I found some interesting tips and techniques related this.

In starting I used to play these on my laptop. But I found some difficulty in it because I could not carry my laptop everywhere. So in short I shared my some experiences related to this. I hope this will help you to win jackpot and some bonuses. Now, as I got the free time in my home, in class, in college I started playing. I will not say I am addicted to it, but I love playing it. And its mobile apps version increased my fun, even more. So, you also try it and enjoy the fun of this.