Playing games is my hobby. I love to play these since my childhood. I used to play video game and puzzle etc. But now a days the craze of these has become decrease. Whenever I get free time I play with my brother and some time with my dad as well. I feel very good when I and my family spend some best time.

Have you ever tried the gold factory? If not then you should try. It is amazing and idle game which you can experience. I can play this on my tablet or iPad. Basically, this is little bit surprising to me when I click on the play now button on the website. The animated pics, sounds and other features are just stunning. The rules of this are also very simple plus it is also provide you the free trial of that time so that you can easily understand the rules and helps you to earn a lot of money through this.

As the name itself “Golden Factory Slots” describe what you get in this, you just click on the lever button which shows on the website and after that 3 windows which shows number of things like money, gold coins even fruits, the only chance of winning that it, is to get identical items in all 3 windows and prizes or rewards are decided according to it. Let me tell you my case, when I played, first time I got 3 Identical fruits and prize is spa coupons, after winning the first time I took second chance and luckily I got 3 identical gold bars and the prize was like a jackpot, they gave a tickets of Cruise ship including the stay of 3 nights. That’s why I loved this.