Today’s age is the age of science and technology. Scientists are working very hard to make our life more easy and comfortable. The list of experiments which changed our life drastically is very long. Today we are so much addicted to it that we cannot imagine life without this. Mobile phones are also the member of that long list of experiments. They changed our life in a very good way. It not only provides us a facility of connecting with others, but also provides us all kinds of information and amusement on the palm of our hands. Technology of mobile phones is advancing day by day. Now this is the time of smart phones. They provide us all things which we wanted from that.

I bought my first smartphone of my life at the age of 18, when I completed my schooling and started going to college. As you all know that in college due to time difference between the lectures there is lots of time left. One day while sitting in my college campus, I heard some boys talking about winning money from online gambling. After hearing this I also started to search about it over the internet. My search stopped at a spin palace. On this website there are lots of games present from which they are asking me to choose. Suddenly a popup box appeared on my screen which asked me to click on it. When I clicked on it, it takes me to Break DA Bank pokies. I started reading the rules and regulations of this. When I read these, this appears to be interesting and full of fun for me. So, I started playing it.

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After enjoying this so much, I decided to download it application version of my smartphone. I downloaded and installed it. Now I play it regularly. I thoroughly enjoy this very much. Because of its ease of use and non-complicated rules I loved it even more.